“One never ends learning in arts. There are always new things to discover” (Ernst H. Gombrich on “The history of arts told by Ernst H. Gombrich” 1966)

And this is indeed true: one can have an evidence of this by just looking at Anna Rita’s works.

If, at a the first sight, what undoubtedly impress in the artist’s works is the absolute originality of this technique and the superb skill in its execution, with an in-dept review of the paintings one realizes that the drawing, as a matter of fact, gives a specific structure to the figure and the figuration.

The use of her technique is of absolute originality, extreme difficulty and total precision.

Anna Rita shows how she is not satisfied at all -like all artists are, or at least should be- of the external “coloristic” power, but she feels and knows that the work is originated, above all, by the knowledge of the form and by that first specification that, by the means of a drawing that becomes painting, takes place and brings awareness.

Great is the passion that Anna Rita puts in her work: a passion that pervades the whole works, that appear most of the times as captured by pleasure, by enthusiasm. I would say, even by the will to act, to say, to show her touch, her determination, her technical and stylistic perfection. It’s a temper that doesn’t affect the immediate effect of signs, the complex story that the artist’s poetics can developthe dramatic power enclosed in the “pictorial” event, the absolute mastery of the result. It reveals with a message that roots into a mental breeding ground, that by means of the “pencil painting” is able to underline symbolic concreteness and figurative rhythmics. That finds, with a breath, its fundamental poetical reason into the balance between different and opposing instincts.

Luciano Lepri (Critic of Art, literate and journalist)


Looking at her paintings is like drinking genius from a glass of harmony.

Her works of art and the features of their characters diffuse vibrations of eternity. An eternity that grasps beauty with its arms, but not typical beauty, but rather an indescribable beauty that is disguised as death and radiates the most intense emotions, emotions that make your bones tremble and leave you breathless in a world without time, returning to a world begotten of pure white.

We look at her paintings and can hear a delirious music that penetrates our souls and nourishes us with amaze¬ment, bringing us to an ethereal state.

Anna Rita, as meticulous, attentive, authentic and sincere as her ideas. While she works she becomes a spiritual creature, she connects with the elements of the Earth and nourishes herself with her own seduction. She moves with the light and shadows, with the hot and cold, to look for the shapes, the colors, the posture of the fingers, the expression of the eyes.

Anna Rita knows how to create a world where a stroke of the pencil or the brush of oil fall in love with perfection and pursue it, and they worship her with splendid poetry. In her world, characters from Greek mythology meet the creatures of Shakespeare or a thoughtful Mona Lisa.

Anna Rita makes sure she caresses every detail of her painting. She molds her creatures until they are elevated to a transparent purity, wrapped with lyricism and mystery.

Before her art, we can only give our eyes into the sublime and nourish ourselves.

Daniela Nocito (Crisolart Galleries)