Sept 2018 “Soul Of Salvation -S.O.S” art work for “Human overload” cd single and inner sleeve and stage back drops for the eco-pop band BESUREIS. On its side sharing “a bright artistic vision for the future, talking about what is really happening now. With topics ranging from orcas in captivity, being kicked off your land, trophy hunting, slaughter houses, bull fighting,  addictions and many more, BESUREIS is ready to open a conversation and go right to the core. Heading a world wide Say No campaign for endangered species, with Dr. Jane Goodall, UN messenger of peace, as their mentor, BESUREIS have put awareness at the forefront of their work, spreading ideas about how we all can play a part in creating a positive change for all.” 


On  3rd March 2016 guest as artist to the event for 25 years ofJane Goodall’s Roots&Shoots” “award 2016” in London. I had the honor and the great emotion to meet personally Dr Jane Goodall, for the first time.

On 2nd October 2015 I had the honor thanks to “One Fight. Unite. RAGES” to sign the poster of “SAY NO!”campaign.
One Fight. Unite. RAGES“( The Rotarian Action Group for Endangered Species or RAGES) is a no-profit campaign, a global movement that is raising awareness by uniting communities, groups and individuals together in a single unified voice. The projects is supported from the London’s electro-pop band of BESUREIS which is involved in it how we can all be a part of a positive change. Not only the londinese band, many others special people joint to this project as those appearing in the pic under.
Thank you very much to  Besureis.
Thank you very much to RAGES